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Sandy Taylor is a visual artist, born in a city called Yekepa, located in Nimba county, Liberia. He grew up in the capital city of Liberia, Monrovia. As a kid, Sandy always had a passion for art and technology, most of his time spent during his childhood days was centered around creativity.

Young Sandy enjoyed drawing portraits of people, animals and sometime just about anything he sees that spark his interest. December of 2012, Sandy, his dad, stepmom and two brothers, moved to America. He continued his education from middle School up to High School. Upon his completion from High School in 2017, he started investing more time into his craft.

Sandy participated in few art events at his high school, started experimenting with different art mediums and learning about the marketing aspect of the art world.  

"I love making beautiful art works and sharing them with the world. I view the world in different spectrums and I'm inspired by the variety of colors nature is giving at every glance, the blue oceans, sandy beaches, colorful rainforest amazing animals, etc."

Sandy currently use digital tools/medium to create most of his works. He reside in Shepherdville, Kentucky, USA. 


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